Two more sleeps

I found the below in the Notes of my phone, written just before I left Australia over three years ago. I didn’t know my adventure would last this long. Now here I stand, a resident of Barcelona, Spain. What the actual fuck?

Two sleeps til Christmas? Til my birthday? Nope, two sleeps ’til I move overseas!

Holidays are possibly the most common thing we countdown. Me, I probably should have started counting down a little earlier than two sleeps. Here I am on Sunday night doing what I do every Sunday night, vegging out with my housemates on the couch, ordering pizza. The crazy part is I’m about to shake this up, yet I’m not packed, I haven’t said all my goodbyes. Basically I’m leaving the biggest decision I’ve ever made as the most unorganised – all you need is your passport, right?

In two sleeps (I fly out of the South-East Queensland I’ve only ever known) to Corfu, Greece to work in a party hostel called The Pink Palace doing their “web marketing.” What exactly that entails I will find out, along with what the staff quarters are, how much my allowance is, and what my hours will be. Stay tuned.

How did this happen? How did a 28-yeaR-old single female decide to take her gap year many, many years later than usual? One word – RUT. I’ve always loved travel and have taken many overseas trips over the years: a Japan school homestay, French Polynesian cruises, Hawaii, Europe, USA, Bali.

This next one I take without a trusty and loved travel companion. I thought these yearly holidays would be enough to stave off my so-called wanderlust but the extended travel dream simmered away. The only thing stopping me – pure fear. Who the fuck can do that crazy shit?? Me as it turns out. A cripplingly shy, ageing gal with minimal confidence. Let’s go find it halfway across the world.

How long for? As long as my budget lasts.

How? I quit my job, packed my suitcase (still in progress), bought a snazzy camera, got my UK Working Visa just in case, sold some stuff (some still to go thanks to my generous roomies), had lots of farewell drinks, many early morning wake-ups (and consequent freak-outs), and booked flights with a return on Feb 4, 2014. 

I obviously went into a pizza food coma at this point. And I obviously cancelled that Feb 4, 2014 flight. I obviously got past my freak outs. And it’s obviously the best thing I ever did. Now I need something else in two sleeps to get that excited about. 


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