Drober (Sober Drunk)

A good friend once said to me “you have become your drunk self”.

We hadn’t seen each for over a year since I departed to travel, and she noticed the difference that travel can do for your confidence…almost as much as a flowing glass of champagne.

And she’s right. There’s something about travel that makes you that way. Or several in fact…

You think you’re tougher than you are. You have a high sense of strength. 

You give zero to nil fucks about what other people think. 

You don’t care too much what you look like. Sure you might start off all fancy and shit. But after those first few drinks or first few months of living out of a backpack, you get a little sloppy. 

You don’t always make the finest eating choices. It’s there. It’s cheap. 3am pizza becomes all-day breakfast pizza.

You talk more. 

You tell people you love them. At random moments. And it’s not slurred.

You tell your friends and family how great you think they are.  You don’t have to have Dutch courage to give a compliment.

You get so over-excited by things. You wave your hands in the air, you talk at high pace, and you give yourself the hiccups, because you’re so damn excited about life.

Congratulations if you you have become your drunk self sober. Because when you think about it, drober is amazing. An in-built confidence, with no barriers nor fear, and a take no shit attitude. And the number one benefit of no hangover. 


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