Time healing

Today I went to the seaside. 

Today you were in the beachside moments, that ever so poetically and heartbreakingly duplicated our times gone past.

Today as I looked down onto a postcard alcove, today as I hiked in the sun, today as I ate fresh seafood, today as I got lost with bad Spanish, today as I rode the long train and the bus, today you were never far.

Today I wished I brought the bracelet you made me and said a ceremonial goodbye.

Tomorrow I’ll again put off this sad notion.

A month ago you made the choice to leave us behind.

A month ago I sobbed until my body ceased to shake and the shock subsided. The day after again. And again.

Yesterday it hurt less.

The day before a little more.

One day I’ll stop questioning why.

RIP Katy My Lady.


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