11 reasons surf camp is your happy place

I knew San Sebastian Surf Camp was going to be my happy place before arrival. Confirmed. The ingredients to such bliss can be found on this campsite in the beachside town of Zarautz (make sure you get the Spanish lisp in there for this one). Annnddd, what delights await you after the quick 20 minute trip from San Sebastian?


Quality staff

Surf instructors whose job is not just to make sure you stand up but to give you laughter abs and get you to appropriate and inappropriate levels of fun. And to look pretty.

Sick setup

A unique campsite setup welcomes you, complete with graf, half pipe, fairy lights, tie-dyed teepees, wooden and surfboard furniture made on site, ping pong table, b-ball hoop, bars, slack line, plus power and wifi. Ohemgee you can still Snapchat and Insta!


Food so good you won’t know you’re at camp

“I’m going to surf camp, I’ll get back to fit.” No. Not if Jay the cook has anything to do with it. Each day I plead with him to stop making such good food. It’s no exaggeration. I could say for camp food it’s good, but for food in general it is very good. They’ve got a reputation to uphold and sturdy competition. Did you know the region holds more Michelin stars per capita. Get that in ya!


Yoga was taken by the goddess Gracie, overlooking the view that will never get old. Doing a headstand on this grassy knoll will be hard to top. No matter what the day brought, everyone was in a good place post session. If you’re lucky you might experience Droga. I’ll let your brains work that one out.


Not your standard activities

Wine tasting, parasailing, walking tours, pub crawls, boat parties, horse riding, and pinxto tours are also on offer. The pint sized, pretty, and polite Alex will get you sorted.

Paradise beach

Zarautz waves are perfect for the beginner and very, very fun for the rest. The sandy beach is surrounded by mountains of vineyards and Basque locals. Where we hang it’s not crowded and before long enjoy bronzed skin and beachy hair. Nudity aplenty.


Town high on the quaint levels

Walk the beach into town and discover the lovely town square, beach cafés and so many gelato stores. Some of the best I’ve tasted. Obviously that wouldn’t be very much…

Want to spend that coin?

For shopping Pukas is the definition of cool with a nonchalant k. A step above souvenir, these locals have got some great designers on staff. The boards, clothes, bikinis are not cheap but good looking gear.

Get yourself a night life

San Sebastián is a sneaky little one. You think you are headed in for such a sneaky little one and before you know it you’ve found amazing espresso martinis and walk outside to also find daylight remains and an awful lot of people on the inebriated side of life. San Seb old town is a bar area rather than clubby. If you do it wrong you might feel like you’ve been clubbed. Start your evening off right with the sunset boat party.


Friendly locals

Don’t play spot the a-hole, because you won’t win. There are so many nice people around. All the staff and guests are on your level. Even the camp cafe bar staff will make you feel welcome with good coffee, sidra and a better spot for wifi.

Festivals on tap

You can make San Sebastian your base for several great Spanish fiestas. Stay for the San Vino wine fight in June, Bilbao BBK Live music festival, Running of the Bulls, Fete de Bayonne in July and Semana Grande in August. You get the most bang for your buck staying at San Sebastian Surf Camp, with surfing lessons and three meals a day included.


Did I mention you can get free unlimited beer and sangria when you stay at surf camp? You can when you book with the promo code SHARKWEEK. In fact, you can get this and other goodies with Stoke surf camps, festivals, and trips. Unlimited beer and sangria kind of makes the rest of this list redundant. 



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