A letter on departure

Oasis Backpackers Seville

My dear Sevilla

I came to you knowing nothing more about you than as a southern city in Spain, commonly known as Seville. Like all good relationships, I have slowly learnt and discovered more, and still want to stick around, warts and all. 

Timidly, I said hello walking from Plaza de Armas to the hostel in Calle Compania with panoramas to Las Setas. It lived up to its Oasis name with views to the blue skies and vines hanging from the balconies. I quickly discovered the pool top terrace where skin was hued, thirsts were quenched and family-like homemade meals were shared, along with stories of the international kind.


You breed a friendly bunch. Showed me where to explore, eat, drink and took me out to party. Lucky for the late checkout. 

I visited your Palace Hostel on Calle Almirante Ulloa. Enjoyed hot breakfasts, cold beers, amazing coffee, and got…

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