The next leg

Something strange has happened. I actually know where I’m travelling to next. And even where I’m going to after that.

I’ve been an open ended roamer thus far, not really knowing the next step until I get there. I’ve fallen into each opportunity and each city.

But you’ve got to get your shit together at some point so here I am to share with you what’s next. I have flight, buses and even most of my accommodation booked. Dis is weird ja!


This whole getting organised ridiculousness came about when an opportunity I couldn’t resist presented itself. My Canadian pal and her sister had a Central America trip planned mid-July. With a Nicaragua-Costa Rica-Panama itinerary of hostel pool crawls, zip lining, monkeys, kayaking with crocodiles, Flipper and Willy watching (dolphins and whales perves), volcano hiking, waterfall frolicking, and surfing, this is my travel porn. I had desired to do this part of the world before I set sail for Europe and here it was ready for the kind invitation taking.

So that meant I had to work out what I wanted to do with my last brief months in Europe.

My three weeks in Seville have been very busy. Planning is stressful and I’ve realised something. I don’t really like making plans. I don’t know whether it’s the FOMO in me but I do know the wonder of travel comes in not knowing what comes next. Not knowing who you’ll meet and who’s going where. Ya know?

But I know I’m pretty set where I’m going and I feel very Type A.


I’d always planned to go to Amsterdam for King’s Day with Stoke. I get to meet up with old friends, party on a boat, and check out another party hostel, The Flying Pig Downtown.

Next I added a train ride to Berlin. This is a city near on everyone I’ve met has told me to visit. I’ve got five days to absorb as much of the vast array of culture on offer whilst staying at The Circus Berlin hostel.

A long bus ride later and I’ll be in Krakow. A good friend of mine is Polish and I’ll have the inside word on the city. I still have to mine her brain for a good itinerary for my few days there.

My first overnight bus gets me to Budapest (not Bucharest). I feel the capital of Hungary is going to test every part of my being. With notorious party hostels, fingers crossed I make it to my next more relaxed destination.

I haven’t heard that much about Slovenia. But the small amount I have heard piqued my interest enough to get it in my must go list. Lake Bled, get ready for the photo shoot of your life.


Then I fly to London to get my passport renewed (yawn). It’s valid until November but a lot of countries want you to have six months validity so better safe then crying while stuck at the airport sorry. And even better to travel past November…

Then back to beckoning Barcelona for further reunions. I then have booked 10 days in Lagos, Portugal. I have wanted to surf in Portugal since my Pink Palace days and soon I will see what this party town has got. I am then returning to Barcelona because clearly I can’t get enough.

Inhale. Exhale.

A train to San Sebastian sees me relaxing at Stoke’s surf camp for a month. If you count a wine fight, running with the bulls and a music festival as relaxing.


Then I scoot over to Lisbon for a couple of nights with Oasis Hostel Lisboa before flying to Montreal.

I’m checking out ‘la’ city of my Central America trekking buddies hometown for just under a week with a visit to Vermont. Bliss. Followed by a drive down to New York to fly to Managua, Nicaragua. Note: must get US visa. Note: must go back and actually see New York.

Fast forward to an amazing month in Central America and then who knows, back to seeing what comes my way.

I’m aware there are so many more places in Europe I’m missing. I was keen on exploring France, Switzerland, Vienna, Prague, Croatia, and Greece but knock on wood, they’ll still be here next time.

Despite my complaining, there are benefits to booking early. Numero uno, it’s cheaper. With buses, hostels, and flights, you save more than a pretty penny.

A key to happiness is having something to look forward to.



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