Flamenco dresses and KKK hoods

I’m currently working at Oasis Hostels in Seville.

This is my take on the upcoming Semana Santa. Come say hi!

Oasis Backpackers Seville

What could these two things possibly have in common? Certainly nothing should be in a similar vein to the latter. But then, you probably haven’t been to Semana Santa. And you probably should. The Spaniards are notorious partiers and they’ve even made the Virgin Mary fun in this upcoming fiesta.. Also known as Holy Week, Semana Santa is celebrated in many parts of Spain in the lead up to Easter and it’s a biggie in Seville.

I digress. Why the KKK hoods you are antsing in your pants to know? It’s what the penitents wear. Lucky for their reputations, they have been parading these outfits for the last half a century or so. Long before some rednecks from the south adopted this trend.


In the greatness of Spanish traditions, everyone, we mean everyone, dresses up in the flamenco garb. You don’t know fun until you go flamenco dress shopping…

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