Why I waited an hour for a sandwich?

Answer(s): I love food. I live to eat. I travel to eat. Plus I didn’t really have anything better to do.

Hence on a beautiful 20-something sunny day in Barcelona, I wait, firstly for Bo De B to open and secondly my turn in line, accumulating an hour of my life in dedication to this sandwich.

This place has a reputation and it has queues bending around the streets. Both things you believe means you’re onto something good here.

My own personal local guides, AKA roomies, tell me it’s like the locals version of Subway, except there is only one (very popular) store. And the kicker, it’s cheap, at about 3.50 euros, depending on your meat of choice.

And you get more than your money’s worth with a decent sized bocadillo that once it is filled with everything you could possibly want, and probably are just saying yes to because your Spanish is horrendous, it’s tougher to get your mouth around than the Catalan language.

My advice. It’s not pretty to eat. Do not get this if you’re trying to impress someone. Be a little choosy with your salad selections. Less may be more. And if you’re pressed for time, remember, it is just a (very tasty) sandwich. Oh, and get the chips. You won’t be able to move, but in my experience, despite the foetal position food coma, always worth it.

Actually I change my mind on the kicker, the staff are very friendly. Despite my Spanish incompetencies and the amount of people they have to deal with on a daily basis they are smiling and grateful for your custom.


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