Why a blog? Why now?

I set off on my travels on July 4, 2013. A few people said at the time I should write a blog but it just didn’t happen. It is now January 17, 2014. 

Being the forever having to explain my actions person I am (and trying not to be), here is why I am finally blogging: I need to remember and I need to make money at some point again in my life.

I only made the decision to take my European/UK trip one month out from jetting off, not leaving a lot of time to get myself organised. What I did have organised were “jobs” lined up in Europe. Initially I applied for ground crew at Pamplona Running of the Bulls with Topdeck Travel and web marketing with The Pink Palace in Corfu, Greece. I was successful in securing both roles and made the decision to head to Greece for three months to look after their online marketing in exchange for bed, three daily meals, laundry, a weekly allowance and maybe a bonus at the end. I went with Greece because I didn’t have to get there as early as Spain plus I was more excited about it. This is my version of a gut decision. Whatever gets me most hyped is the way I go. As many of my friends, and perhaps people I just met, would testament, it takes a bit to get me outwardly expressive of my emotions.

And this is where it all began; my way of travelling. Basically since leaving and up until this point, I have volunteered at various stops for board, etc. Not just in an effort to save money, because I have been terrible at that, but it’s fun and a great way to meet people. I’ve been questioned lately about how to get into volunteering for travel bed. Ergo, another reason behind this blog: to explain how and answer any questions.

I feel up until this point I have been documenting my trip via other mediums such as photos, Facebook, Instagram and even my journal…sometimes. My journal has been an on again off again relationship that I have had difficulty dedicating time and energy to. It’s important thought because I have the memory of a goldfish and it would be kind of nice to maybe remember some parts of this amazing trip. Six months worth of amazing and enlightening moments and opportunities to be shared.


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